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It's in hopes of providing accurate information on my books and writing that we've created this new website; thanks to Greg Davini for helping with the design, and Ray Chapin for providing the author's photo. Readers can now contact me directly by using the address at the bottom.

Hopefully in the future readers will be able to buy a new e-book directly from this site.

As for finding my books, I urge everyone to try their local bookstore first, to better support independent publishing. If that doesn't work, Amazon. For books that are out of print, ABE or ALIBRIS, the web used bookstores, are a good source.

Skyhorse Press released A RIVER TRILOGY, consisting of my three books of fly fishing, Vermont River, Upland Stream, and One River More, with a new introduction and illustrations by Gordon Allen, who illustrated Vermont River when it first came out.

My first straight-to-audio novel, MACKEN IN LOVE, is out from Audible Originals, narrated by Chris Cillea, and can be purchased through their website or their app.

Green Writers Press, the innovative new publishing house based in Vermont, published my fifth collection of short stories and my first in nine years: WHERE WE LIVE, with nine stories set in rural New England and Montana. 

A new book will be out in 2022, a privately printed edition of 100 copies made possible by a generous foundation grant: SMALL WATER; THE STORY OF A NEW ENGLAND POND, which will serve as a fundraiser for local non-profits in the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont. 

WD Wetherell may be contacted at:

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